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First of all, we’ll see what is social media Platform exactly is? and how we can get the benefit and promote branding our business on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube LinkedIn etc.

Facebook Marketing:-

Facebook is worlds of the best social networking site. we can get traffic through website, Blog or products and giant branding and profit our Business. we’ll see how we can create Facebook profiles, business pages, and groups on Facebook website. In this module, we’ll also learn how we can increase likes and followers and video sharing image sharing and how we can track visitors on our Facebook pages. This chapter will also cover Facebook Marketing In which we’ll see how we can many types create paid advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Twitter Optimization & Marketing

Twitter is worlds of the largest social networking site on earth used by celebrities and brands. Twitter can bring us thousands of visitors every day if our campaign is on right track. Learn how to create multiple business pages on Twitter and how to optimize them for more followers and clicks for our website to get maximum exposure from them. we’ll also learn Twitter marketing in which we’ll see how to run paid campaigns on Twitter.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube is another best site to promote business blog channels through videos. Youtube can bring us billions of visitors every day. Its a best way for the website to promote a business through video marketing. In this module, we’ll see how we can create a channel on youtube and uploaded video timely, how to upload and download videos from Youtube. If you want toYoutube copyrights and license systems. creating paid campaigns for youtube to optimize our videos for best performance.

LinkedIn Marketing

We help you to advertise on LinkedIn using LinkedIn PPC Ads. LinkedIn PPC ads work much the same as PPC ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. linkdine offers job provide various sectors, You can create multiple page profile on followers LinkedIn. LinkedIn also offers various unique advertising such as Poll ads, Social ads, Join Group ads, and Video Ads.

Google Plus Optimization

This module will cover Google plus optimize in which we’ll learn how we can create business and personal fan pages on Google plus. google plus is a biggest social networking platform. what are Google plus communities and how we can get benefit from google plus? we’ll also see how to track visitors on Google plus pages and how to optimize our Google plus page to get more followers and traffic to our website, blog, and product and at last, we’ll learn about Google plus widgets and implementing them our website

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