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Online Reputation Management Course (ORM)

Our Online Reputation Management course ORM industry experts. Asian Institute of Digital Marketing course is specifically designed to help you understand the fundamentals of managing the online reputation of a brand. This essentially implies mitigating negative online conversations and bringing positive conversations to the fore in order to restore a brand’s reputation and credibility.

The primary aspect of ORM is understanding its importance for a business, brand or professional. In the age of the internet, online conversations circulate at lightning speed. A negative online product review can have a grave impact on your product sales or business. Your brand reputation can be tarnished simply via a blog that went viral. You could be rejected for a job position simply because of your unprofessional social media presence.

This involves learning how to respond to negative conversations, receiving customer feedback, counteracting misleading trends and restoring brand faith. In addition to this, students are taught how to listen online whenever your brand or company name is mentioned using tools such as Google Alerts, Social Mention, Simplify360, etc. The most crucial aspect of our ORM course involves a hands on Crisis Management training. This is a strenuous exercise that helps students cope with a massive online crisis at the hands of the brand, agency or customer. It trains students to estimate the extent of the problem, respond appropriately to mitigate risks, and finally curb and rectify the damage done. Lastly, the ORM instructor takes the students through some industry case studies which is the final step to consolidating the student’s learnings.

Successful completion of our Online Reputation Management course Asian Institute of Digital Marketing provides you with an ORM certification

Online Reputation Management Course Details

  • Understanding ORM
  • Need for ORM
  • Steps for effective Online Reputation Management
  • Impact of negative conversations
  • Tools for ORM
  • Understanding sentiments of a brand
  • Crisis management
  • ORM case studies

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