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AIDM ( Asian Institute of Digital Marketing) is a best content marketing institute in Delhi. Content Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing.

Asian Institute of Digital Marketing  form of marketing focused on creating , distributing, and conveying content for a focused on gathering of people on the web. Our very much qualified proficient mentor guides you how to advance substance showcasing.

AIDM also guides various techniques of Content Marketing.

In class session you will know:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Objective of content marketing?
  • Content Mapping based on the customer
  • How to write and using of content marketing on online platform
  • Keyword research for content for Social Platform
  • Customer Engagement through Content Marketing
  • About Paid Content Marketing
  • How to use Paid content and online platform of Paid Content Marketing
  • Analyses Blog Authority and how to increases it through content marketing
  • Understand how to do content marketing
  • What to do and what to not do in content marketing
  • Understand second customer and also increase your second customer
  • Case study of content marketing.

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